Marilyn L. Schweitzer’s
Favorite Sites

Here are web sites of some of my favorite places and things:

  • The Morton Arboretum and Chicago Botanic Garden have brains as well as beauty! They are superb resources for designing home landscapes and other great places to show out-of-towners what Chicagoland has to offer. A bit further afoot is Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford. It gives the same sense of space you would find in temple gardens in Japan.
  • My earliest memory of Brookfield Zoo is being in a baby stroller controlled by my father. (Bumping down steps was a little worrisome.) The zoo is fantastic year round! It's predecessor, Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, is free and more intimate.
  • The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago is probably why I love Egyptian stylization. The Field Museum was another great influence and probably my favorite Chicago museum. (It was founded to house what as left of the Columbian Exposition and Marshall Field was encouraged to donate a large amount to it. Field's name lives on at the museum though his department store was consumed by Macy's.)
  • My parents took the family on cruises and tours on the lake and river via the Wendella Sightseeing Company which has been going strong since 1935. (In my mind, it's a better tour and more affordable without the Ticketmaster hassle than the CAF water tours, though the CAF has great land offerings.) I like the Shoreline Water Taxis for getting around pleasantly by water and avoiding surface traffic congestion.
  • Some day I hope to capture some the Chicago Loop Bridges during their lift schedule and when I'm not trying to drive over them!
  • Evolution makes me happy and this site captures some of the joy: WTF, Evolution?
  • The Slug Site
    A few years ago, I found a haiku by Shiki:
    • Doing nothing at all, the sea slug has lived 18,000 years.
    I had no idea what a sea slug was, but an internet search solved that by leading me to this wonderful site.
  • The Other Pages
    My mother, who had a fantastic memory especially for poetry, was struggling to remember who wrote the poem with the line:
    • Old parson, red-eyed as a ferret
      From nightly wrestlings with the spirit;.
    Thanks to this site, I found it. It is The Everlasting Mercy by John Masefield.
  • There is a wealth of bookbinding, origami and other craft project shared by some very generous people on the Internet. For example, please see these Japanese Stabbindings by Becca Hirsbrunner.
  • College of DuPage is the community college is where I studied graphic arts, advertising, design, art, photography as well as Japanese language. They also have a excellent center for the performing arts. We saw Kodo there who literally brought down a ceiling tile!
  • The Nature Conservancy
    Besides an great conservation organization, their field trips (day or longer) are fantastic. Through it, we went on our first dinosaur dig near the Pine Butte Guest Ranch.
  • See Here, here, and here for links to opt out of stuff.