Marilyn L. Schweitzer’s
About Me

Marilyn and Michael 2012

I've been married to Michael over half my life who has brought me much happiness.

I worked as an application programmer over a third of my life. The scientific programming environment was my favorite. The primary downside to programming is that it is extremely non-visually stimulating. Hence I bailed out into graphic and other art forms.

My first third was spent under the tutelage of my parents and an army of teachers. My siblings, friends, and hometown were certainly influential too. I'm sure I've "left my mark" on them all of them as well! ;)

I was very fortunate to get to know my parents as an adult and to have them know me as an adult as well. Not everyone gets that opportunity.

I believe that trying to improve oneself should be considered a personality strength. I've come to realize though that many people view it as a flaw since it requires that one admit that one is not perfect. This is sad perspective—similar to believing that a good leader is one who never compromises. :(

I have compiled a list of on-line links that probably reveals more about me than I ever could describe with words!

Should there be any doubt, please know that I consider myself extremely lucky.