Marilyn L. Schweitzer’s
Artistic Endeavors

Marilyn by Lake Michigan 2009

In 1999, I decided to be more than an audience of the arts. I enjoy various forms of graphic arts, book making, and paper making. Little of this has any commercial potential, though that is not usually the point of it. Since I do it to please myself and friends or to help out various not-for-profit organizations, there is little benefit of posting it to the world. Also, once something is on the Internet, it is virtually free.

I did a fair amount of web site design, implementation and maintenance. It, however, was really a bit to close to programming to be a creative release. Thus, that is not going to be touted here.

At some point I will put up some recent endeavors, but for now, here are some simple slide shows for your general amusement.

Simple Slide-shows

First is a series of Jack O'Lanterns that my husband has carved.

Next are images and text for a handmade book called "Mr. Potato Head Revisited." Photos of the potato heads and their ilk were taken as they were created. I created a 1950s style Formica pattern for a background using Adobe Illustrator. The background was added behind the photos via Photoshop using a mask to keep the shadows. The book itself is much cuter and comes with its own customized box.

Finally, is the series of Holiday cards that my husband and I send out. The cards are a combination of staged camera shots, and image collage, and pure Photoshop fantasy.