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M.E.M.E Live in December, 1999

On Saturday, December 11, 1999, M.E.M.E had an in-store appearance at the Kiss the Sky record store in Batavia Illinois. Kiss the Sky has a large stage, so everyone was able to get their equipment up there in some form or fashion. We opened the set with a short piece by John, Darwin, and Mike which faded into a 45 minute set by Gabe (doing some fine solo Drum/Bass work). The rest of the evening was a mixture of various compositions and improvised works involving combinations of personnel. The following were the personnel:

Jack, providing a melodic background.

Darwin providing a strong center.

Gabe working his beat boxes.

Grant and Mike in quiet meditation.

Jack with his Roland and OB-8.

A MiniMug, Grant, and a Synthi.

John, up front and wired.

Mike, Darwin, and a pile of gear.