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M.E.M.E Live in January, 1999

On Saturday, January 23, 1999, M.E.M.E played their first date at the Logan Beach Coffee House. The stage was a bit too small to hold the entire sextet so the performance was broken up into three forty minute sets involving two members for each set. Each subgroup of two members planned and performed their set independent of the remaining members. The following were the personnel and composition titles for the sets:

Jack McCarthy & Michael Firman
• Ocha21 - Exploding Cherry Blossoms
• Thunder Piece #2
• No Solicitors Invited
• Thunder Jam
John Papiewski and André Stordeur
• An East Indian Theme
• Composition for Serge Synthesizers
Darwin Grosse & Grant Richter (aka Black Helicopters Inc.)
• Nein Danka
• Belagong My Eye
• A Lump Of Shiny Coal

Jack and Mike working out the wires.

John and André
in electronic meditation.