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M.E.M.E Live in January, 2001

M.E.M.E. gave two performances in the month of January. The first was on Saturday January 6th at Quenchers Saloon in the Bucktown/Logan Square section of Chicago (this is near the corner of Fullerton and Western). The address is 2401 N. Western Ave. This gig featured a smaller version of M.E.M.E. consisting of:


The Next gig was three weeks later on Saturday January 27th at The Nervous Center, a coffee house with a basement performance space. This was a return engagement for M.E.M.E. (we played the NC last February.) The Nervous Center usually features cutting edge Jazz and Electronic Music artists, so this is the space where M.E.M.E. usually stretches out. This performance was part of a two week long Electronic Music Festival at The Nervous Center which, sadly, marked the closing of this fine experimental music space. The Nervous Center was located at 4612 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago. This gig featured: