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M.E.M.E. Gatherings:

April 24, 1999

M.E.M.E. met on a fine sunny Saturday in April (4/24/1999) with a full complement of mem(e)bers (Jack, John, Grant, André, Darwin, and Mike). The first part of the day was spent (after setting up, of course) working on a piece written by André called Paths. I think that we were a little confused about some details of the piece so progress was slow. At some point it was suggested that we rehearse this piece for recording purposes (as opposed to live performance) only (i.e. we do it in parts and paste the portions together later on a workstation). This was probably a little misguided, since there is nothing about the piece that precludes it's use for live performance. We will probably work on the piece again in the future. The rest of the day was spent on tasty jams and indulging in an abundance of fine food (thanks Paula!).

Grant announced some important news at the meeting. That being, his recent decision to devote all of his working time to his Wiard Synthesizer Company. This means that his Wiard modules will now be in full production and readily available to the world.

M.E.M.E. in action


M.E.M.E. is (left to right) Darwin, Grant,
Mike, André, Jack, and John