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M.E.M.E. Gatherings

March 24, 2001

Members of M.E.M.E. got together in a private home in Chicago for a rehearsal on Saturday March 24th 2001.

This rehearsal featured the following regular M.E.M.E. members: John Papiewski, Grant Richter, Darwin Grosse, Michael Firman, and Nick Wilson. We also had a special guest: Rex Probe who, since his recent move to Wisconsin, is now a member of M.E.M.E. It should also be mentioned that, although he has been playing with us for some time now (indeed has performed at two of our live gigs), this is the first time pictures of Nick Wilson, our extraordinary electric violinist, have appeared on this site. Welcome Nick and Rex!

Here I am wobbling the Wiard


Nick on highly processed electric violin.


Rex and Grant having Wiard fun while Nick looks on.


The two synth designers/manufactures together for a jam.


Rex being instructed on the ways of the Wiard.


And the fun begins. Darwin committed the
unspeakable act of bringing a guitar!


Rex, John, and Grant discussing bats and the
measurement of physical constants.

A happy man with his short wave radio.


Nick Wilson setting up his rig.


Rex unpacking his antenna?!


Wiard and Serge (STS).


Darwin performing a Guitar meditation.