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M.E.M.E. Gatherings

March 21, 1998

This meeting of M.E.M.E. consisted of five members: Michael Firman, Darwin Grosse, André Stordeur, John Papiewski, and Grant Richter. This time we convened in Naperville Illinois (on 3/21/98 for an Equinox celebration). This gathering was devoted mostly to group improvisation and we accomplished three extensive electronic conversations. We also documented this meeting by leaving a tape running throughout most of the interactions. Darwin graciously manned the mixing board and tape deck. Grant brought along some of his Wiard module prototypes including a completed Waveform City wave-table synthesis module (finished beautifully in blue with the trademark Celtic design adorning the front panel).

Our group photo (left to right: Darwin,
Mike, Grant, John, and André)

John and his electronic buddy

John, André, Darwin, and just a touch of Grant electronically bonding

Darwin's mighty serge central control
(the ale and smokes are integral)

André’s neural network

Grant shows off his Wiard and wacky module collection