Michael A. Firman’s
Other Sites

Here are some other Web Sites that may be of interest:

  • KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
    This is the web site for the magazine of the same name (KMT). KMT is the ancient Egyptian word for Egypt (transliterate into the Roman alphabet - note the fact that the vowels are implied).
  • NPR (National Public Radio)
    This is the general National Public Radio home page. It will take you to Local NPR pages all over the US. There is a wealth of information at this site.
  • WBEZ 91.5 FM
    This is the Chicago's local National Public Radio home page.
  • The Byrds Homepage
    This page is full of information about the '60s/'70s folk rock band. It also has music, interviews, pictures, etc. covering the band and various band members.
  • International Netsuke Society Home Page
    Netsuke are miniature carvings (in ivory, but also in wood, stone, or taguay nut) done by Japanese artists. Originally they were used as ornaments for belts and purses, but now are works of art in their own right.
  • The Analogue Heaven Home Page
    Everything you ever wanted to know about analog synthesizers and the music produced using them. This covers both the classic techniques and those now used by the Techno/Ambient people.
  • Chikuzen Studios
    Master shakuhachi player and teacher Michael Gould's website on all things shakuhachi.
  • Shakuhachi
    The Shakuhachi is a Japanese, end-blown, bamboo flute which is used both for playing music and as a meditation tool. This is a general Shakuhachi home page. It points to several other pages on the same topic.
  • Monty Levenson's Shakuhachi Catalog
    Monty is (in my humble opinion) the best maker of Shakuhachi in the United States. His flutes are of excellent quality and are priced quite reasonably. His catalog has all sorts of items dealing with the Shakuhachi and other types of flutes.
  • Froggy Page
    This person loves frogs and has put an amazing amount of work into this page.
  • Paleontology
    This is a good starting point for Paleontological Stuff.
  • The official Homepage of Tangerine Dream
    This band has been around in some form or another since the late 1960's. It has always been at the forefront of electronic pop music and continues today to be very influential. This page has a wonderful discography.
  • Professor Allen Strange
    A very influential figure in electronic music. He (quite literally) wrote the book on electronic music synthesis (back when modular synths ruled).
  • Hammond-Leslie FAQ
    A very informative page covering everything you ever cared to know about Hammond organs.
  • The Didjeridu Server
    Lots of information about the strange (and very low) musical instrument used by the Australian native peoples.
  • Flapping
    One of the strangest sites I have ever run into (and, what is more telling, I actually know this guy - Hi Knox!).