Michael A. Firman’s
Electronic Music Studio

Before we begin with my studio, here is a little historic meeting

A Buchla 200 System wedded to a Thunder controller

Here are several components of my e-music studio:

  • There is a six panel Serge modular music system mounted in two SKB mixer cases.
  • The odd looking device that resembles something from the Con of the Star Ship Enterprise is a Buchla Thunder midi controller.
  • There is a twenty four module Digisound-80 system that I built from kits a few years ago (the white oak cases are complements of my wife's woodworking skills). Note that the gargoyle sitting on top of the synth is named Barkley.
  • The next picture is a thirteen module Roland S100M system connected to a small midi keyboard via a Roland midi to CV converter and a Roland MC4 sequencer (not pictured).
  • The final two pictures are long shots of one side of the studio.

Six Serge Panels

The Buchla Thunder


The Digisound-80

The Roland s100m


General Studio Shot

Another General Studio Shot