Hammond Indiana High School

Woo-Hoo!, We did it. The 60th Birthday Reunion was held on the weekend of October 12th 2012, and by all accounts it was a success. A big thanks to everyone who attended, you folks made it happen.

Even though the 60th Birthday Reunion weekend is over, we are still looking for our classmates, so, if you haven't already done so, please send us your full name, email address, mailing address, telephone number and any other information you'd like to share:

Please check out the schdule of events.

Here is the group photo from the evening of the 13th dinner, the links provided are for high resolution versions of the photo (in TIF format 8MB and JPG format 1.3MB).

Download Group Photo: groupphoto.tif (8MB) groupphoto.jpg (1.3MB)

There is also a MicroSoft Media file of the memorial (19MB)

Here are photos from the events (provided by Michael Firman and Marilyn Schweitzer) They are raw photos, i.e. unedited and un-picked over. The albums have multiple pages and the small photos are thumbnails which can be enlarged by clicking. They are for you to do with what you would like. Enjoy.

Thursday Night

Friday Night

HHS Tour

Saturday Night


Also let us know the status or whereabouts of any other classmates or, if you prefer, please have them contact us directly. Here is our current list of class mates names that we are using for our search: HHSlist (updated 09/22/12). Here is a list of people for whom we are still seeking informations: missinglist .

Your ad hoc Class of 1970 Reunion Committee:

Beth (Mauch) Chase, Michael Firman, Dave Hanus,
Linda (Bracken) Almy, Mike Bochnowski, Chris Schmal,
Dexter Tite, and Monica (Leeney) Wiley

And now a word from our sponsers.